Logos by Hand:

Some would prefer an artist rendition of their logo. If you would like us to draw your logo, you can send a file in any format or just a link to your online logo. If we can see it, we can draw it. Once you have placed your order, we will e-mail a digital proof for your approval. The $35/half hour for our drawing skills, with a half hour minimum. 


Logos from File:

The quality of your decoration depends upon the quality of artwork supplied to us. All orders requiring custom artwork must be sent in as CAMERA READY. Artwork can be uploaded directly on our product pages, submitted via E-Mail, or on CD. Laser copies of 1200 DPIresolution are also acceptable. 

Your artwork should be sent at a minimum 300dpi to scale or greater.   Jpg, tif, pdf and psd formats are all fine.  You can upload files up to 512 MB directly from our product page. File transfer services like dropbox can also be used for large files.  We ask that you send your artwork sized to the approximate dimensions of the pottery you choose.

Please Note: Vector Art is preferred for logos. It provides the best quality and allows images to be resized without loss of sharpness and detail.


When sending your artwork via E-Mail it is very important that you include the following information.

  • Company Name, Your Name, Phone Number
  • Item to be Imprinted

We do not guarantee color match.  We do guarantee beautiful decorations that are a very close representation of your art.  


Custom Decoration by Hand:

Show us what you'd like on your pottery and we'll draw it. Got a famous landmark in town? A bridge, lighthouse or statue? We can put it on our handmade pottery. Share your custom design ideas with us and we'll draw it up and send a digital proof. Our hourly charge for this work is $50/ half hour with a half hour minimum. .


Custom Lettering:

We can add lettering to any piece you like. Town/State names, baby names, weddings, events and more. You can do this right from our product pages. Unless otherwise specified, the font we use is always Lucida Handwriting (italic). Lettering is only $3 per pottery item. 



 Copyrights on Artwork:

If the artwork is not yours, we will require a signed copyright release simply stating that you have the rights to duplicate the art. 

We would never sell any of your copyrighted work to anyone other than you. However, we reserve the right to display our work with your logo on our website and other promotional material. We like to show our skills, and we'll happily link any page containing your image to your site.